nomy catamaran house boat
Often I sail with friends on the French channels. This way of traveling has his own charm. A Turkish customer was asking me to design a catamaran house boat. Here is the result. The boat is very light for a house boat, this was a must for road transport. So the logical solution was a catamaran. The layout speaks for it self. A family of 4 has enough space also for an extended holiday period.
The top steering station is not only practical but give also more space.
Scandlings are given for wood/glass/epoxy and sandwich construction. Construction time will be around 600 hours for the wood/epoxy system and 900 hours for the sandwich construction.

Length:        7,43 m
Beam:          2.48 m
Weight:      470   kg
Outboard engine: 20hp

Construction time about 900 hours

The drawing set consists of 24  drawings and a short description
lofting instruction, scandlings etc.

US $ 290,-
created 11/04/2011
Copyright     2011  by B. Kohler
      All rights reserved
To see more pictures click on arrow go to the blog of Mr. Mehment Can. Attention the superstructure is heavy modified

STUDPLAN with pictures and bill of materials(12 pages)
US $ 10,-