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Big Ekranoplans

 The VOLGA 2

Many  of these crafts are used in Russia on rivers, lakes and the Tundra.
In particular on the Lena whit it's ever changing water level. The Ekranoplan is registered in
the Russian R class. The certificate of competence is the same as for a high speed boat.
The craft can be used as passenger craft, as freighter and as rescue and ambulance craft .
The operation and maintenance cost are very low, these are typical 95,- $ per hour  
( calculated operation time, 500 hours pro year ). In many cases the VOLGA 2 can
substitute helicopters or very vast boats for a fraction of the costs.  
Example: Passenger transport on sea esturias, lakes and rivers, oil pipeline maintenance andrepair in remote areas like Alaska.

The production can be started up again, but to be rentable 10 units have to be ordered.