Syozo Kubo
Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics,
Faculty of Engineering, Tottori University,
Koyama, Tottori 680, JAPAN.

Wing-in-surface-effect (=WISE) craft, which is a high-speed ship in the future, is the object of our research work. The craft flares on water surface at a few meter high but does not flight at a high altitude. The principle of the flare flight is based on the surface effect of its wing. A simple model is presented here to show the effect. We name the model "Ram" after its type mane of "ram wing". Please try its flare by the model.
How to construct
Cut out from the sheets along outside lines and curves. Adhere all peaces with reference to the figure. To adhere every kinds of adhesive materials will do. The most favorable material was thin two sides adhesive tape in our experience. Please set the model on a flat plate during dry up.
It is naturally good to construct your model restrictedly as far as possible. But don't be too nervous about it. Ram can fly well if you adjust it following the indication.
How to let Ram fly
At first please check as follows.
1) Is your model dried well ?
2) Are the vertical fin, the tip plates and the center body straight ?
3) Isn't your model twisted ?
If you will find some trouble, please correct it by your finger.
Suitable place for flight is on a flat floor without carpet. Sand field and paved road are not suitable for Ram to fly.

Fasten one end of a rubber O-band on the floor by a piece of tape. Hook on the other end of the band to the center body of the model. Tow back the model clipping it on the root of the vertical fin. Release the model, and it will fly in a few meters. The model will be deformed in some extent when you will tow back it. Don't be nervous about the deformation if it will be recovered. You will be also lunch the model by your hand after a few times of exercise.
The most important thing for a good flight is balance of weight in longitudinal direction. When your model has a tendency of pitch up its nose, weight a gem-clip on the leading edge of your model. When it is nose heavy, apply a clip on the trailing edge. After a few times of trials your Ram flares smoothly.
You will be able to have a contest of Ram flight with your friends.

Now you know that the simple model flies well. The principle is the same for a real manned craft just as for the model. If we will be able to set a propulsion mechanism on Ram, it will be able to continue its flight. For a practical passenger craft we need many other items, e.g., safety, usefulness, economy, environment friendliness etc. We have many things for research and development. We have no master piece for research of new craft. We must consider many things based on understandings of phenomena in nature. This is our work.
Please make your effort to realize your dream. I hope your success in future.

Use this with 200% size.

Wing-in-Surface-Effect (=WISE) Craft

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