The  KD 800  is a foldable catamaran with some accommodation in the  central pod. The boat was designed in 1996. The company wend bus before  the first boat was produced. With the ever rising marina costs I believe, that this  boat is even more actual now as it was then. 
 The transport beam when folded is 2.50 m, so trailing the boat without special 
 permission will be possible in almost all countries and the marina fee will be for   a monohull. The steerage is maintained even when folding. 
 The cabin has two bunks a toilet and a small pantry. Through the rigid mast tangon  connection the mast can be raised by one person in about one minute. 
 Construction is strip planking for the hulls and a mixed plywood/strip planking/ 
 glass/epoxy composite. This is no boat for a novice boat builder. 
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