We sell our plans and books worldwide and there is no geographic or currency limitation.
We use the very secure  PayPal  online order system. But for some countries it will not work jet.
The add more countries almost weekly.

How it works:
Select the plans or study plans you like and click on the PayPal button of the idem you would like to buy.
You are now direct linked to the secure PayPal ordering page. Fill in the easy to follow form.
That is all.
If you have any problem, contact us.
per email: bernd@ikarus342000.com
phone: +33468450803 ( please observe: our time zone is + 1 UTC )
address: K-designs, Bernd Kohler, Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 1, 1033 RC Amsterdam/The Netherlands
The STUDY PLANS are delivered as attachment(s) to an email .
After receiving your order delivery is normally in less than 24 hours.
You will need a PDF file reader program like Adope Reader * to read and print them.
A typical Study Plan consists of at least 12 and 22 pages including a detailed description, drawings, if applicable pictures, the list of contends of the plans and the list of materials. These list allows you to calculate the costs of the project.
* If you don't have the Adobe Reader go to our link page to load down
By the way, a lot of mail boxes accept only relative small attachments. If you have ordered, please empty your mail box as far as possible
consists of the drawing set + descriptions how to build the boat.
The are delivered as attachment(s) to emails. Exceptions see below.
The DUO 425 and the SC 435 have a step by step description.
For all the other designs there is a chronological description. For the plans which are delivered per email you will need at least a .DXF file reader. The texts are delivered as PDF (Adope Reader).  If you have no program to read .DXF files load down for example the free of charge reader/printer program from Solidworks**.
The PELICAN, CORMORAND and MANTA plans are delivered per Air Mail. The plan costs include the Air Mail costs
The P95 is a plane set only.
The plan fee includes the right to build one boat.
Support:  Support for amateur boat builders is free. This excludes changes of the design.
To conform to local regulations is the sole responsibility of the buyer.
   **  DXF reader program. This is a great program with the ability to zoom and to print!
go to our link page for a direct link to SolidWorks
Multi hulls
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