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    DUO 480      the big brother of the DUO 425
The DUO 480 is the "big" brother of the DUO 425. The boat can handle bigger loads but otherwise has the same good handling characteristics as the smaller boat.  I forgot this design a bit.  The first DUO 480 was built in Austria 1992. This is the boat shown on the left.
We updated the design a bit more. For instance, the keel is now  wider as the original, which gives more load capacity. The beam connectors are also more easy to build etc.
The construction is similar to the DUO 425, so revere to this page. Construction time will increase according to the boats bigger size. I recon  the boat can be build in about 200 hours.
Length : 4.80 m (ex. Rudders)
Beam   : 2.30 m
Weight : 70 kg
Sail area:  16m2
Delivery consignment: 12 pages step by step instruction and 19 drawings
Delivery: per email
to DUO 425