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The crafts on this page are designed from the company who designed and built the KM  (Caspian Sea Monster), the Orlyonok and the VOLGA II.





Shown here is a 40/50 passenger Ekranoplane the ALBATROSS ( see drawing below )and the SPACATEL ( see model above ).

Any investor around who would like to start production ?

The SPACATEL is a direct descendant from the KM. This craft was designed as rescue craft for the Russian marine, but because of financial problems the craft was never finished. This craft would make a good rescue craft in any sea area, passenger craft for 250 to 300 persons or a very fast transport craft. The Spacatel has a speed of 450 km/h can handle sea state 5 in normal operation mode and would have a action radius of 2000 km. To finish the craft would take about 2 years.


These crafts are able to use normal sea ports or even beaches, but travel at a speed between fast ships and aircrafts.
They are capable to access new routes where  ships are to slow or where  airfields are absent. They require little maintenance, and are inexpensive and simple to operate compared to an aircraft. For the passenger, no motion sickness, no flight fright. The are not interesting for terrorists attacks.  



Albatross can be ordered now.