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All my boats are plywood, glass fiber, and Epoxy composite designs. The benefits are clear. As a first-time boat builder, you have nothing to learn new. To start, look through the designs I offer. The smallest has a length of 4.25 m, and the biggest standard design is 13 m long.
The main categories are
asymmetrical catamarans
power catamarans and houseboats and sea-going catamarans till 13 m
Look at the designs I offer and make a choice. You can order a study plan to make you more familiar with a design.
These contain more details of the boat, photos, example drawings, the list of drawings, and the list of materials so that you can calculate the costs for the materials already.
With a study plan, you can get a member of our K-designs group. The members come from around the world and are very active. They discuss issues like how to build their boats, and there are more than 1000 photos of different boats under construction and sailing. 
Some of my boats from 1980 are still sailing! This tells a lot about the sustainability of these boats. The maintenance is low, and the materials we use are fully recyclable. Modern Epoxies are nontoxic and can use wood as a base material. Building environmentally friendly products is essential for the future of us all

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