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DUO 1000

We are very aware of sailor's needs. We bring two types of experience into our catamaran designs. We have designed multi hulls since 1980. And we have lived in our "PELICAN" (one of our designs), on the Mediterranean sea for 11 years. Our portfolio includes a wide range of catamarans.
Design styles range from the DUO 425 to the C 1000, the first multi hull that sailed, solo, non-stop, around the world. Our "homebuilt" designs maintain the time-proven wood/epoxy/glass composite construction system, resulting in a strong, light and inexpensive craft. Pick one and build it.
updated 06/20/2014
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The ply(wood) glass/Epoxy construction system is the easiest boat building system. The learning curve is steep. The results are instant. The result is a long lasting almost maintenance free boat.
To learn more about the wood Epoxy composite system go here and the FAQ page.
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We have built 13 boats and know what we are talking about. We helped innumerable customers to built there boat. We are known for our after sales service.  After you have one of our study plans or plans you can join

our very active